Mandarin Chinese is spoken natively by an estimated 960 million people[1] predominantly in China.

Notes Edit

As of January 2016, Duolingo staff has indicated that this course would not be offered soon and it is not high priority because:

[T]he number of people who want to learn Chinese from English is not as large as you’d think (it’s about 1/10th the number of people who want to learn Spanish, for example), and it involves a lot of work on our end to teach the character set and the tones.[2] However, recently (December 2016) The staff at duolingo have been found researching about how to do this.

Input methodsEdit

Main article: Guide to keyboard layouts and input methods

Pinyin input methodsEdit

Pinyin is a phonetic romanization of Mandarin Chinese that is also widely used for inputting Chinese characters. Pinyin input methods generally let the user type a word or phrase in pinyin and show the user a list of possible words or phrases using Chinese characters that match that pinyin, from which they can choose the correct one. This last step is often necessary because many Chinese characters share their pronunciation, and therefore their pinyin representation, with other characters. For example, the characters 是 (to be) and 事 (thing, matter) are both pronounced the same and written in pinyin as shì.

There are a variety of pinyin input methods and implementations available. Major operating systems include their own pinyin input methods, which can be installed using these instructions. Pinyin input is also available using some Google Input Tools and via the Google Pinyin Input app for Android devices.

Grammar tipsEdit

There are currently no grammar tips for Chinese here. If you've got any, click the "Edit" button for this section to add them.

External resourcesEdit


Learning charactersEdit

  • Chineasy - A course on the Chinese writing system
  • Du Chinese - Another course on the Chinese writing system
  • HSK Academy - Very helpful for those learning Chinese characters. Aimed mainly for those seeking the HSK (similar to TOEFL) tests, but still good to learn new words, phrases. There is a short introduction to Chinese grammar also.

Learning PinyinEdit


Grammar referencesEdit

General/multiple resourcesEdit

Chinese-language contentEdit

  • Chinese Wikipedia
  • Sublearning - Movie subtitle flash card quiz in Chinese and many other languages
  • WeChat - a free Chinese app for smartphones that you can use to find native Chinese speakers to talk to. Can type using characters with a downloaded keyboard or use it as a walkie-talkie where it saves messages to be listened to and replied to. Basically a delayed phone call but will give practise speaking and listening.


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