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The "classic design" of Duolingo is what was running on the website for most users in the later part of 2013. A dramatic redesign was introduced to a number of new users in late 2012 as a test. When the results of the test were positive, the redesign was then rolled out to half of the existing users on Jan. 20, 2014.


  • The Vocabulary section was removed, to be later replaced by the Words section.
  • Weekly progress chart was moved to the end of lessons only. The ability to view progress will be added back in when the coaching feature is introduced to the web.
  • Discussion on skill pages was removed. Less than 1% of users were accessing the discussion pages from each skill, so they were removed.
  • Users no longer can comment on own activity stream.
  • Users can no longer view other people's language trees. This will be restored in some way once the new groups feature is implemented.
  • Ability to see what individual lessons are weakened was removed.
  • Christmas lesson was removed from the store. This is probably a change to make it seasonal. People who had already bought the bonus skill still have access to the lessons.
  • Users can give lingots to discussion starters. During December 2013 users were given the ability to share lingot with commenters on discussions.
  • Quicker access to gender selection in some practices. Genders can now be selected by number instead of having to use a pull-down menu.


Old skill icons:

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