Competition in Duolingo is encouraged by things such as XP  and Leaderboards .


Duolingo makes learning more collaborative and fun by encouraging competition between peers. This is achieved by gamified learning in which users strive to obtain points. 


This competition helps people to continue learning, collaborate, and challenge each other to achieve learning goals.


Duolingo offers many challenges users to get them to learn more effectively. Some of these challenges are in the form of:

  • Leaderboards - These encourage users to keep track of their friends and attempt to surpass their points;
  • Goals - Duolingo challenges users to reach certain goals by giving them a task to achieve everyday in their reminder emails;
  • XP - The points serve as a way to evaluate effort and to keep track of your friends' progress and effort;
  • Translation Tiers - The tiers are a measure of a translator's rank or quality of translations, and these can serve as a way for users to translate and learn more to achieve higher tiers; and
  • Levels - Each level requires a specific amount of points, and these can also be compared with other learners.