Welcome to the To-Do List. This list is now moving to Special:Community.

This to-do list encompasses the entire wiki. If you want to help out and don't know where to begin, this is a great place to start!

To-Do ListEdit

High PriorityEdit

  • Add wanted pages
    • Status: As of 16 October 2017 there are 1415 and all of them are skill pages.
  • Split long articles.
  • Expand all stubs.
    • Status: 12 remaining.
    • Most of these are skill pages that need more information.
  • Add images (by finding on wiki/uploading new images) to all wanted images.
  • Find places to use unused images, or tag them for deletion if they are not needed.

Low PriorityEdit

  • Convert all complex templates to lua
  • Add pages to be translated to other wikias.
    • Make sure to add language links to these pages once they are translated.

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