Adjective Basics is the eighth (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree. These six lessons prepare the Dutch learner for more adjectives to come in later units by helping them understand the adjective endings of Dutch words.

Tips and notesEdit

Adjective EndingsEdit

Adjective endings in Dutch are a little bit complicated, but are easily explained.

De or hetEdit

If the adjective follows de, het, or any other possessive or demonstrative pronoun, it will almost always gain an -e ending to the adjective

Example: Dit is het kleine meisje. Dat is de gratise kaas.


If the adjective follows no article, een, or any of the list on Duolingo's Tips in the Adjective Basics section, then it will not get the -e if it is a het- word and it is in the singular:

Example: Dit zijn een groot paard en een grote hond.

Predicate adjectivesEdit

If the adjective is in the predicate and is connected to the subject, then it never gets the -e.

Example: Het is gratis. Het water is koud.

Unchanging adjectivesEdit

Some adjectives don't ever get endings at all. These adjectives:

  • End in -en;
  • End in -a or -e;
  • Have an ordinal number in the adjective; or
  • Are refering to an object that is on the left or on the right.


Lesson 1Edit

  • groot = big
  • klein = little
  • lang = long

Lesson 2Edit

  • snel = fast
  • langzaam = slow
  • goed = good
  • kort = short

Lesson 3Edit

  • hard = hard
  • zacht = soft
  • zwaar = heavy
  • licht = light
  • zwak = weak

Lesson 4Edit

  • jong = young
  • oud = old
  • zoet = sweet
  • zuur = sour
  • slecht = bad
  • belangrijk = important
  • moeilijk = difficult

Lesson 5Edit

  • goedkoop = cheap
  • interessant = interesting
  • gratis = free
  • vol = full
  • leeg = empty
  • duur = expensive
  • vers = fresh

Lesson 6Edit

  • warm = warm
  • koud = cold
  • rustig = quiet
  • nat = wet
  • droog = dry
  • schoon = clean
  • net zoals = just like


Duolingo Lesson:

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