Common Phrases is the third (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree. In these six lessons, the learner of Dutch learns basic phrases such as "sorry" and "hello."

Tips and NoteEdit

Greetings throughout the dayEdit

As in English, Dutch has many different ways of greeting others. Hallo is always allowed, but if you want to be more formal, then you will need to know the time of day it is:

Time of the Day Dutch Greeting
Morning Goedemorgen
Afternoon Goede(mid)dag
Evening Goedenavond
Night Goedenacht


Lesson 1Edit

  • hallo = hello
  • bedankt = thanks
  • doei = bye
  • dag = goodbye
  • tot ziens = see you later

Lesson 2Edit

  • hoi = hi
  • goedemorgen = good morning
  • goededag = good day
  • goedenavond = good evening
  • goedenacht = good night
  • welterusten = good night

Lesson 3Edit

  • ja = yes
  • nee = no
  • dank je = thank you
  • wel = well
  • misschien = maybe
  • alsjeblieft = please
  • niet = not

Lesson 4Edit

  • sorry = sorry
  • het spijt me = I am sorry
  • oké = okay
  • pardon = excuse me

Lesson 5Edit

  • hoe gaat het = how are you

Lesson 6Edit

  • spreekt = speaks (3rd person singular)
  • geen = none, no
  • Engels = English
  • Nederlands = Dutch


Duolingo Lesson:

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