Conjunctions is the eighteenth (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree and the last skill before the second checkpoint. In the four lessons of this skill, the Dutch learner is introduced to a series of conjunctions - words that tie sentences together. Because of their usage in Dutch sentences, the student of Dutch will also learn about sentence structure when conjunctions are used.

Tips and NotesEdit

Conjunctions Edit

Conjunctions are words that connect similar ideas or phrases. There are two types of conjunctions: co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Co-ordinating Conjunctions Edit

Co-ordinating conjunctions are used with two similar phrases. The co-ordinating conjunctions are:

  • en
  • of
  • maar
  • dus
  • want

The word order following co-ordinating conjunctions does not change.

Subordinating ConjunctionsEdit

Subordinating conjunctions are more numerous in Dutch than co-ordinating conjunctions. They are used to show contrast, causes, consequences, conditions, time, or to provide a subclause as an object. When they are used, they change the word order of the subordinate clause. The main verb of the clause goes to the end of the clause.

Example: Hij kan niet rennen, omdat hij oud is.

Notice that the subject and verb in the main clause are reversed if the subordinating clause is placed at the beginning of the sentence.

Example: Omdat hij oud is, kan hij niet rennen.


Lesson 1Edit

  • of = or
  • maar = but
  • als = as
  • want = because
  • zowel = as much/many
  • noch...noch = neither...nor

Lesson 2Edit

  • ook = also
  • dus = thus
  • alleen = alone
  • alhoewel = although
  • aangezien = since
  • dat = that

Lesson 3Edit

  • wanneer = when
  • zodat = so
  • omdat = because
  • doordat = because
  • totdat = until
  • zodra = as soon as

Lesson 4Edit

  • terwijl = while
  • indien = if
  • mits = if
  • tenzij = unless
  • voordat = before


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