Er is the twenty-first (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree. In this skill, with a total of five lessons, the learner of Dutch is introduced to a tiny little word that makes a world of difference, er, and its two counterparts hier and daar. Also learned are how the prepositions interact with these three words to make new sentences and prepositional phrases.

Grammar notesEdit

What on earth is Er?Edit

Er may seem to have random usage, but there is logic to the seeming randomness of er. The word has these five major purposes:

  • Expressing location as an unstressed form of daar.
  • Adding it to a preposition to make a prepositional phrase such as erop (on it).
  • Expressing possession like 'of it' or 'of them' with ervan.
  • Pointing to an undefined and unspecific subject by putting er at the start of a sentence.
  • Being used as a subject to mean "there is" or "there are."

Lessons Edit

Lesson 1Edit

  • hier = here
  • daar = there
  • er = see above

Lesson 2Edit

  • eruit = from it
  • erin = in it
  • erop = on it
  • eronder = under it

Lesson 3Edit

  • ertussen = between them
  • ernaartoe = towards it
  • ermee = with it
  • ernaast = next to it
  • naartoe = towards

Lesson 4Edit

  • hiermee = with this
  • hieronder = under this
  • hierna = after this
  • hierdoor = because of this
  • hiertussen = between these

Lesson 5Edit

  • daarmee = with that
  • daarop = on that
  • daarin = in that
  • daarnaast = next to that


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