The Future Tense is the forty-fifth (assuming left to right) skill in the Dutch language tree with a total of five lessons. These lessons teach the use of the future tense to the learner of Dutch. The future tense describes what will happen.

Tips and notesEdit

The future tense is formed in two possible ways: using zullen or gaan. Zullen means "will," and gaan (in this case) means "to be going to."

Remember that all verbs beyond the first should go at the end of the sentence.


Lesson 1Edit

  • breken = to break
  • toevoegen = to add

Lesson 2Edit

  • verliezen = to lose
  • overmorgen = the day after tomorrow
  • winnen = to win
  • ooit = ever

Lesson 3Edit

  • bedekken = to set (a table, a bed, etc.)
  • helpen = to help

Lesson 4Edit

No new words.

Lesson 5Edit

  • missen = to miss
  • ontvangen = to receive


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