Irregular Plurals is the thirty-fourth skill of the French language tree. In this skill, you learn how to form irregular plurals in French (as the name of the skill implies), through a series of three lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

As you may have noticed in the words in this skill there is usually an -x following the irregular plural. You usually add an -x if there is an -eau, an -ou, -au, or an -eu ending. (An exception to this would be bleu - the plural is bleus)

However, if there is an -eil, an -al, or an -ail at the end of the word, you usually drop the -l or -il part of the word and add -ux instead.

A notable exception is œil (plural=yeux). There is no explanation for this except that the French word happened to evolve that way.


Lesson 1Edit

  • les animaux = animals
  • les yeux = eyes
  • les cheveux = hair
  • les travaux = jobs
  • les jeux = games
  • les journaux = newspapers
  • les chevaux = horses

Lesson 2Edit

  • les oiseaux = birds
  • les morceaux = pieces
  • les bateaux = boats
  • les bijoux = jewelry
  • les dieux = gods
  • les gâteaux = cakes
  • les genoux = knees

Lesson 3Edit

  • les vieux = seniors
  • les cadeaux = gifts
  • les manteaux = coats
  • les beaux = beautiful/handsome people
  • les nouveaux = new ones
  • les œufs = eggs
  • les chapeaux = hats


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