Verbs: Infinitive 2 is the forty-second (assuming read left to right) skill of the language tree for French. There are ten lessons in this skill. In this skill, a wider selection of verb infinitives are shown; most are for verbs already learned, but a few are new verbs entirely.


Note: This list only contains a list of new verbs; if the conjugations of the verb was learned in an earlier verb skill, it will not appear here.

Lesson 1Edit

No new words.

Lesson 2Edit

  • préparer = to prepare
  • apparaître = to appear (irregular)

Lesson 3Edit

  • retrouver = to find again

Lesson 4Edit

  • obtenir = to obtain (irregular)

Lesson 5Edit

  • (s')oublier = to forget (oneself)
  • arrêter = to stop

Lesson 6Edit

  • permettre = to permit
  • reprendre = to take again

Lesson 7Edit

  • garder = to keep
  • imaginer = to imagine

Lesson 8Edit

  • créer = to create
  • découvrir = to discover
  • compter = to count
  • tuer = to kill
  • réaliser = to realise
  • toucher = to touch

Lesson 9Edit

  • coucher = to sleep
  • occuper = to occupy

Lesson 10Edit

  • payer = to pay
  • jeter = to throw away
  • battre = to hit


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