Verbs: Past Imperfect is the thirty-sixth (assuming read left to right) skill of the French language tree. In the pair of lessons in this skill, a new verb tense is taught: the past imperfect. A similar construction in English contains words like was, found, and went.


Lesson 1Edit

  • était = was
  • faisaient = did, made
  • allaient = went
  • disaient = said
  • venait = came
  • voulais = wanted
  • avais = had

Lesson 2Edit

  • pensais = thought
  • connaissais = knew
  • croyait = believed
  • parlais = spoke
  • regardais = looked at
  • sentait = felt
  • trouvait = found
  • voyais = saw
  • savait = knew



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