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Miscellaneous Edit

I love Duolingo. How can I help the site?Edit

Can I donate money to Duolingo?Edit

Language, Free at Last01:02

Language, Free at Last

Duolingo does not currently accept donations.

Can I buy a Duolingo shirt or stickers or something?Edit

Main article: Duolingo Gear Yes, Duolingo has a gear store with items for purchase. Note that all items are priced at cost, so Duolingo makes no money off them,[1] but they can be a nice way of showing your Duolingo Pride and spreading the word about the site.

Is there an API or third-party userscript for Duolingo?Edit

As of September 2014, there is no official public API, but there are unofficial userscripts written by some users. See Duolingo Userscripts.

Is there an easier way to type accented and special characters than using the clickable buttons?Edit

You can install a keyboard layout that supports typing accented and special characters even on a keyboard that isn't marked for them. Windows users can also use Alt codes, Mac OS users can use key combinations accessible from their default keyboard layout, and Linux users can use a compose key. For more detailed instructions and information on some of the layout options available to install, see the Guide to keyboard layouts and input methods.

How can I type accented and special characters on my cell phone?Edit

On Android and iOS devices, tapping and holding on a letter key will bring up the option of adding an accent to it. Tapping and holding on the "s" key will bring up the option to type "ß". On Android, you may need to install a keyboard from the Google Play store in order to type certain languages with non-alphabetic scripts.

Other UsersEdit

DL Block user

Block User. Duolingo 2014

What are followers and friends?Edit

Followers are users who are interested in seeing a user's updates, posts, or progress through the tree. Friends are people a user follows.

How can I block another user?Edit

You can block another user from posting in your Activity stream. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to that user's profile.
  2. To the right of their profile icon, you will see a grey gear (blue in picture).
  3. Hover over over it and select the "Block" option that appears.
  • To unblock that user in the future, just hover over their gear again and select "Unblock".

Where do most Duolingo users come from?Edit

As of September 2013, the largest number of users (26%) came from the United States, followed by Brazil (15%) and Mexico (7%).[2] These numbers may have shifted since then as Duolingo has grown its userbase and added more languages and platforms.

Which platforms are used the most?Edit

As of June 2015 most users use Android (45%), followed by iPhone(40%), Web (14%) and Windows Phone (1%).[3]


  1. "Duolingo makes no money on any gear purchases. What you pay covers our production costs and that's it."
  2. 10 million users and counting!

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