Full heart bonus won

The announcement that a user has received a full heart bonus.

A full heart bonus is awarded when a user completes an exercise on a Duolingo mobile application and still has three (four, only on Basics 1) hearts. The user gets the normal 10 experience points for successfully completing the exercise, 3 (4) extra experience points for the 3 (4) hearts and a full heart bonus of one lingot.

Two ways to complete an exercise with three hearts are:

Heart Refill

The Heart Refill "costs" 4 lingot.

  • To make no mistakes that cause the loss of a heart or
  • To make only one mistake and use a Heart Refill to bring it back up to 3 hearts.
Note: Some minor mistakes like an incorrect punctuation or typo won't always lose you a heart.
As of 2015 the full heart bonus is no longer available when completing exercises on the Duolingo website/iOS app.