Adjectives: Nominative 2 is the seventy-third (assuming left to right) skill in the German language tree. This skill has six lessons that reinforce the declinations of the nominative case.


Note: Only newly inflected words are listed.

Lesson 1Edit

  • unterschiedlich = different
  • höchste = highest
  • extern = external

Lesson 2Edit

  • möglich = possible
  • gelb = yellow
  • frei = free
  • politisch = political

Lesson 3Edit

  • individuell = individual
  • schön = pretty
  • sozial = social

Lesson 4Edit

  • günstig = cheap
  • neueste = newest

Lesson 5Edit

  • einfach = simple
  • ähnlich = similar

Lesson 6Edit

No new words.


Duolingo Lesson:

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