Education is the eighty-second (assuming read left to right) skill in the German language tree. In these four lessons, the student of German begins to learn basic vocabulary about education and training.

Tips and NotesEdit

Student or Schüler?Edit

A Student has to be a university student or students outside the school system (for fitness classes, etc.), while Schüler is reserved for primary, secondary or junior high students.

A Hochschule is not a high school.Edit

Hochschule literally translates to "high school." It can be a Universität or a Fachhochschule. A Universität is a complete research university, while Fachhochschule is a college that mostly teaches professional skills and does not run doctorate programs.


Lesson 1Edit

  • die Universität = university
  • der Leser = reader
  • der Stift = pen
  • die Grundschule = elementary school
  • die Noten = grades
  • die Bildung = education
  • die Übung = practice

Lesson 2Edit

  • das Studium = study
  • die Forschung = research
  • das Test = test
  • der Kurs = course
  • studieren = to study
  • die Klasse = class
  • das Seminar = seminar

Lesson 3Edit

  • die Hochschule = university
  • der Unterricht = lesson
  • der Training = training
  • die Akademie = academy
  • das Institut = institute
  • die Lehre = lesson
  • die Ausbildung = training

Lesson 4Edit

  • die Weiterbildung = further education
  • das Fachbereich = faculty
  • die Uni = university
  • der Kindergarten = kindergarten
  • die Prüfung = test
  • die Erziehung = upbringing
  • überlegen = to consider
  • das Gymnasium = prep school (not a gym)


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