Food 1 is the seventh (assuming read left-to-right) skill in the German language tree. It contains six lessons teaching the names of various foods, the traits the foods may have (sweetness, etc.), and a verb for experiencing these traits.

Grammar TipsEdit


Am is a preposition in German that can mean "at the" or "on the."


This verb means "to have" in a possessive sense; if you're having something for dinner, do not use haben in this context.

Mittagessen, etc.Edit

For the purposes of Duolingo:

  • Frühstück = breakfast
  • Mittagessen = lunch
  • Abendessen = dinner

Compound wordsEdit

Compound words are very common in German. These words contain two or more parts that are themselves words. For example, Mittagessen comes from the two words meaning "noon" and "meal." Commonly, a sound will connect the parts of a compound word. The gender of a compound word will be the gender of the last part of the compound word, being the most important.


Lesson 1Edit

  • das Essen = food, meal
  • der Hunger = hunger
  • das Pizza = pizza
  • der Fisch = fish
  • die Suppe = soup
  • der Eis = ice cream
  • gut = good

Lesson 2Edit

  • der Tee = tea
  • der Durst = thirst
  • schmecken = taste
  • der Kaffee = coffee
  • das Bier = beer
  • der Wein = wine

Lesson 3Edit

  • das Obst = fruit
  • die Orange = orange
  • die Banane = banana
  • der Saft = juice
  • der Orangensaft = orange juice
  • der Apfelsaft = apple juice

Lesson 4Edit

  • das Ei = egg
  • der Käse = cheese
  • das Fleisch = meat
  • das Gemüse = vegetable(s)
  • die Kartoffel = potato

Lesson 5Edit

  • süß = sweet, cute
  • die Schokolade = chocolate
  • der Zucker = sugar
  • die Erdbeere = strawberry
  • frisch = fresh
  • lecker = tasty

Lesson 6Edit

  • das Salz = salt
  • die Nudeln = noodles, pasta
  • der Reis = rice
  • das Öl = oil


Duolingo Lesson:

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