Frequency is the sixty-second (assuming left to right) skill in the German language tree. In these three lessons, the student of German is taught how to express how often or sparingly an action occurs, as well as being taught how to express how much of something he or she has.


Lesson 1Edit

  • mehr = more
  • oft = often
  • als = than
  • manchmal = sometimes
  • wenig = a little

Lesson 2Edit

  • weniger = less
  • zahlreiche = numerous
  • häufig = frequently
  • das Mal = time
  • selten = rarely

Lesson 3Edit

  • bisschen = a little
  • meist = mostly
  • keinerlei = none at all
  • als ob = as if
  • desto = all of the
  • je = ever



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