Spiritual is the ninety-fifth skill (assuming left to right) in the German language tree. It contains three lessons that teaches the learner of German about superstition and spirituality.


Lesson 1Edit

  • das Leben = life
  • das Gefühl = feeling
  • der Sinn = sense
  • die Seele = soul
  • die Spiritualität = spirituality
  • der Wunder = wonder, miracle

Lesson 2Edit

  • die Hoffnung = hope
  • der Geist = ghost
  • das Schicksal = destiny
  • meditieren = to meditate
  • glücklich = happy
  • wunderschön = beautiful, magnificent

Lesson 3Edit

  • wunderbar = wonderful
  • das Gleichgewicht = equilibrium
  • die Wahrheit = truth

References Edit

Duolingo Lesson:

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