The image after you have lost all 3 hearts and made another mistake.

Hearts are a gamification mechanic sometimes used in Duolingo lessons, practices, or tests. As of March 2015, lessons and practices on the Duolingo website and iOS app use a new system that does not involve hearts[1] while lessons and practices on other platforms as well as tests on skills or checkpoints on all platforms, may retain the use of hearts.

Heart0 For Untimed practices and lessons on the Windows Phone app, the user starts with three hearts (with the exception of some early skills where they start with four) [2]. When a mistake is made, a heart is lost. After all hearts are gone, one more mistake will lead to failing the lesson or practice. However, some mistakes—like missing an accent mark—are considered typos and do not result in losing a heart.

645px-Love Heart SVG.svg When the lesson or practice is complete, one extra XP is gained for each heart left, in addition to the base XP gain for successfully completing a lesson or practice [3]. If a user completes a lesson or practice with the same number of hearts they started with, they also receive a full heart bonus of one lingot [4].

If a user has purchased a heart refill in the Lingot store, they may use it during a lesson or practice in order to restore one lost heart.

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