Lingot store
The lingot store is where you can buy items to enhance your learning experience using lingots. Users can purchase certain items that can add new skills to the language tree, or items that can help a user complete a lesson.[1] Users earn lingots by leveling up and finishing a skill, and one lingot for every ten days on a streak

Purchasable items Edit

Below is a list of items that can be obtained in the lingot store.

Type Item Description Reuseable Web Android iOS
Power-ups Heart Refill Regain one lost heart while doing a lesson.[2][3] X X X X
Streak Freeze Skip a day without losing your streak.[2] X
Double or Nothing Bet double-or-nothing on continuing your streak for another seven days[4]. X
Practice Timed practice Practice against the clock for more XP. X
Progress quiz Grade your language proficiency of the skill tree. X
Bonus skills Idioms Learn some idioms.
Flirting Learn how to flirt.
Christmas Learn some Christmas vocabulary. (Available only during Christmastime.) S S S S
Outfits Formal Attire Formal attire for Duo. X
Champagne Tracksuit A swanky tracksuit for Duo. X
Dragon suit A dragon suit for Duo. X

Legend:✔ = Available | X = Not available | S = Seasonal

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