Duo outfits 23Sep2014
Outfits are virtual clothes for Duolingo's mascot, Duo, to wear.

As of May 2015, outfits are only available in the mobile apps. They can be purchased in the Lingot store within the app. A purchased outfit can also be unequipped if desired, and it is possible to have multiple outfits in storage simultaneously (but only one can be used at a time). They have no effect on the app beyond an aesthetic appeal.

Outfit Name Description Cost
FormalAtire Formal Attire Duo wears formal attire sporting a red jacket, a black tie, a white dress shirt and a monocle. Duo is also given a mustache. 20 lingots
Champagne Champagne Tracksuit Duo wears an orange tracksuit with a headband and sunglasses. 30 lingots
Dragon suit Dragon suit for Duo[1] Not available for purchase



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