Portuguese for Spanish is a Duolingo language course teaching Portuguese to speakers of Spanish. It was built in the Incubator, and exited Beta status on April 2, 2015.

The course accommodates the regional differences of each language. In particular, the use of tú/usted (Spanish) and tu/você/o senhor/a senhora (Portuguese) varies by region, but all forms, if used correctly, are accepted.[1]

The course contributors caution that while subjects in both languages can often be omitted ("estás comiendo" is equivalent to "tú estás comiendo"), students should not neglect them when ambiguity could result. For example, one should not translate "Você está comendo" as "Está comiendo", as the translation is more ambiguous than the source. "Está comiendo" could imply "él" or "ella" as the subject, while "Você está comendo" specifically identifies the subject as "tú" or "usted". Thus, correct translations include "Tú estás comiendo" and "Usted está comiendo".[1]

Authors' notesEdit

En estos momentos, este módulo se encuentra al otro lado de su culminación. O fim está perto! Muchos se me han acercado, agradecidos de que se esté haciendo un curso para de portugués para hispanohablantes, algo que es muy raro encontrar en la Internet. ¡Podríamos decir que estamos haciendo historia ...


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