Adverbial Participles is the seventy-third (assuming read left to right) skill in the Russian language tree. The skill has three lessons and these lessons teach adverbial participles.

Grammar NotesEdit

An adverbial participle turns a verb into an adjective using a special ending:

Verb Type Ending
Imperfective -я/-а
Perfective -в/-вши/-ши

The imperfective has a meaning of "while doing", while the perfective is commonly past tense ("having done").

Note: these forms are invariable, despite looking like adjectives.


Lesson 1Edit

  • зная = knowing
  • читая = reading
  • гуляя = walking
  • думая = thinking
  • понимая = understanding

Lesson 2Edit

  • сделав = having done
  • написав = having written
  • посмотрев = having watched
  • одевшись = having got dressed
  • раздевшись = having undressed

Lesson 3Edit

  • судя по = judging by
  • уходя = leaving
  • благодаря = thanks to
  • не подумав = without thinking


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