Basics 1 is the second skill (assuming read left to right) in the Russian language tree. There are four lessons in this skill. This skill teaches the basics of Russian sentence structure and some basic vocabulary to get you started.

Grammar NotesEdit


Russian is an inflected language, so endings are added and removed from nouns to show what the noun is doing in the sentence and where or in what way the action is carried out. Don't worry about it for now; all of it will be explained in later skills.


Adverbs tend to be spread out across the sentence in Russian, so be careful. They commonly appear right after the subject, though.

Vowel ReductionEdit

This is important for pronunciation purposes. Essentially, if a vowel is not stressed, it either sounds like an -uh sound or an -i sound (depending on the vowel of course).


Lesson 1Edit

  • женщина = woman
  • мужчина = man
  • здесь = here
  • этот = this (masculine)
  • она = she
  • мальчик = boy

Lesson 2Edit

  • яблоко = apple
  • ест = eats
  • и = and
  • парк = park
  • он = he
  • наше = our
  • кофе = coffee

Lesson 3Edit

  • человек = person
  • девочка = girl
  • вы = you (formal/plural)
  • женщины = women
  • они = they
  • хлеб = bread
  • не = not

Lesson 4Edit

  • или = or
  • Россия = Russia
  • Украина = Ukraine
  • Америка = America
  • Канада = Canada
  • город = city


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