Colloquial is the seventy-seventh (assuming read left to right) skill of the language tree for Russian. It has three skills and teaches more common phrases and colloquialisms in Russian.

Cultural NotesEdit

Russians text smileys as ")". If they want to give you a big smile, they'll add more smileys:



Lesson 1Edit

  • куча = loads of
  • нету = no
  • ага = uh-huh
  • чуть-чуть = a bit
  • ужасный = awful

Lesson 2Edit

  • народ = folks
  • чё = what?
  • ужасно = awfully
  • чуть = almost
  • круто = cool

Lesson 3Edit

  • блин = crap
  • ведь = after all
  • зайти = to drop by
  • вообще-то = actually
  • всё равно = who cares
  • так что = so


Duolingo Lesson:

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