Countries is the forty-first (assuming read left to right) skill of the Russian language tree. It has a total of five lessons and teaches the words for various countries, their languages and their people.

Grammar NotesEdit

Patterns in People and PlacesEdit

People from various countries, as well as the language and the name of the place are inter-related:

Country Male Person Female Person Language/Adjective
Китай китаец китаянка китайский
Америка американец американка американский

Note: as you can see, ethnicities and languages are not capitalized.

Simple Future (featuring perfectives)Edit

If you are completing an action in the future, simply conjugating the perfective form is enough.

An American WriterEdit

You can "double-up" ethnicities and jobs together like so:

  • студент-художник = a student who is also an artist

A Russian DictionaryEdit

If an object is written, spoken, etc. in a language, then use на + instrumental; if it is instead done in a certain language (including speaking a language), then use по- + dative.


Lesson 1Edit

  • американец/американка = American
  • карта = map
  • Киев = Kiev
  • понравиться = will like
  • Италия = Italy
  • приежать = to arrive

Lesson 2Edit

  • когда-нибудь = sometime
  • Япония = Japan
  • Китай = China
  • японский = Japanese
  • Казахстан = Kazakhstan
  • почти = almost
  • гора = mountain

Lesson 3Edit

  • японец/японке = Japanese
  • француз = Frenchman
  • французский = French
  • спортсмен = athlete
  • Канада = Canada
  • Белоруссия = Belarus, Belorussia

Lesson 4Edit

  • украинка = Ukrainian
  • итальянский = Italian
  • Испания = Spain
  • Англия = England
  • отдохнуть = to rest
  • иностранный = foreign

Lesson 5Edit

  • Сибирь = Siberia
  • добро пожаловать = Welcome
  • Польша = Poland
  • Лондон = London


Duolingo Lesson:

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