Family is the twenty-fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. This skill contains a total of four lessons, which contain vocabulary related to the family, both immediate and extended, as well as teaching a new kind of possessive.

Grammar NotesEdit


Своя, and all of its related words, essentially are pronoun-unspecific ways of using my, our, etc. It also means "one's."


Russian people often use the words дядя and тётя to refer to any guy or woman you meet, kind of like "Sir!" Or "Miss!"


Lesson 1Edit

  • мать = mother
  • отец = father
  • отца = father
  • сын = son
  • дочь = daughter
  • свою = one's

Lesson 2Edit

  • родители = parents
  • мужа = husband
  • жена = wife

Lesson 3Edit

  • дядя = uncle
  • тётя = aunt
  • семья = family

Lesson 4Edit

  • бабушка = grandmother
  • дедушка = grandfather
  • внучка = granddaughter
  • внук = grandson


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