Food is the fifteenth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Russian language tree. It has four lessons that are about food; making food, eating food, and cleaning up the dishes afterwards! You will also learn a little about perfective verbs and mass nouns.

Grammar NotesEdit

Mass NounsEdit

Картошка, лук, and шоколад are mass nouns; they actually could refer to one thing or many things. Because of this, you can refer to some of these using the genitive case if you like.

Perfective VerbsEdit

These verbs refer to one time actions rather than an activity. More on those later. For now, just go with it.


Lesson 1Edit

  • риса = some rice
  • для = for
  • нам = us
  • приготовить = to cook (perfective)
  • обед = lunch
  • щи = cabbage soup

Lesson 2Edit

  • грибa = mushroom
  • салат = salad
  • нарезать = to cut
  • картошкa = potato
  • сыр = cheese
  • за = for
  • с молоком = with milk

Lesson 3Edit

  • помыть = to wash
  • нож = knife
  • вилкa = fork
  • лук = onion
  • рыбa = fish

Lesson 4Edit

  • десерт = dessert
  • шоколад = chocolate
  • мороженое = ice cream
  • сварить = to boil
  • конфет = candy
  • купи = buy
  • посудa = dishes


Duolingo Lesson:

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