Future Composite is the fifty-seventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. The skill teaches the second kind of future tense and has three lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

We already learned how to form the future tense using perfective verbs, so this tense is for the imperfective verbs. It uses the future tense of быть as an auxiliary with the imperfective verb in then infinitive:

Pronoun Conjugation
я буду
ты будешь
он/она/оно будет
мы будем
вы будете
они будут


Lesson 1Edit

  • ты будешь = will be
  • я буду = will be
  • варить = to cook

Lesson 2Edit

  • выступать = to perform
  • пианист = pianist

Lesson 3Edit

  • фотографировать = to take pictures


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