Genitive Plural is the thirty-seventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. It has five lessons, and the genitive plural is learned in great detail, with all endings described. The only new words (besides the plurals) are несколько ("a few") and слишком ("too")

Grammar NotesEdit

The genitive plural has several different endings depending on the ending of the noun (and not gender like other cases):

Ending of singular noun Ending of plural Example
-а, -я, -о truncation (these disappear) недель, кошек
consonants -ов/-ев столов, месяцев
hushes or -ь -ей мужей, кроватей

There are a few irregular ones too, such as друзей, матерей, дочерей, сыновей, стульев, братьев, листьев, and деревьев


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