Imperative 2 is the forty-ninth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Russian language tree. This skill has five lessons, and it teaches more imperatives to supplement Imperative 1.

Grammar NotesEdit


Imperfective is used for:

  • Specifying the manner in which the action is completed;
  • When you are allowing the action but not directly supporting it ("I don't mind");
  • When you do not want them to do the action; and
  • When you are inviting someone to do something like sit down (or something else obvious).

Perfective is used for:

  • Asking politely to do something;
  • Asking for something to be done that is not obvious; and
  • Allowing the action to be done and supporting it.


Положить is for placing down an item in a place, and поставить is for objects that are set up or stand up. In other words, the former is for "lying" objects and the latter is for "standing" objects.


Lesson 1Edit

  • нарисуй(те) = draw
  • оба/обе = both
  • думай(те) = think
  • открой(те) = open
  • закрой(те) = close
  • пей(те) = drink

Lesson 2Edit

  • читай(те) = read
  • плавай(те) = swim
  • помой(те) = clean
  • страница = page
  • ешь(те) = eat

Lesson 3Edit

  • конечно = of course
  • садись/садитесь = sit
  • сделай(те) = do
  • играй(те) = play
  • объясни(те) = explain
  • повтори(те) = repeat

Lesson 4Edit

  • внимательно = careful
  • встань(те) = get up
  • прости(те) = sorry
  • чистой(те) = clean
  • будь(те) = be
  • поставить = to stand (perfective)

Lesson 5Edit

  • позвонить = to call (perfective)
  • позвони(те) = call
  • ляг(те) = lie down
  • пораньше = as early as possible
  • дай(те) = let
  • раздевайся/раздевайтесь = get undressed/ take off your coat


Duolingo Lesson:

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