The Infinitive, Likes and Dislikes is the fourteenth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Russian tree. It has three lessons, but these lessons full to the brim with infinitives and how to describe likes, dislikes, and possibilities in Russian.

Grammar notesEdit


In Russian, you indicate that you like things using either the verb любить or with the verb нравиться with a dative subject. If the thing is a verb, then the verb is in its uncongugated form (called the infinitive). If you like a person, you actually "love" them, and only use любить.

Reflexive VerbsEdit

Нравиться and нельзя are reflexive verbs due to their -ся/-зя ending. Don't worry about these too much; they'll be explained in more detail later.


Lesson 1Edit

  • спать = to sleep
  • читать = to read
  • уметь = to be able to
  • любить = to like/love
  • девушка = girlfriend
  • писать = to write
  • очень = very

Lesson 2Edit

  • нравится = to like
  • есть = to eat
  • пить = to drink
  • работать = to work
  • готовить = to cook
  • завтракать = to eat/have breakfast

Lesson 3Edit

  • можно = maybe
  • нельзя = may
  • курить = to smoke
  • прыгать = to jump
  • жить = to live
  • знать = to know


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