Instrumental (Being) is the fifty-second (assuming read left to right) skill of the Russian language tree. It contains five lessons and teaches how to use the instrumental case in regards to working as a something or becoming something.

Grammar NotesEdit

There are some new verbs in this skill that need to be explained:


This verb means the same as быть; that is, they both mean "to be". But the difference is that являться is used in the case of A is B which is a C. As this is quite rare though it is not learned in the course.


This verb has no direct English translation, so its meaning has to be guessed at based on the context of the sentence around it; it usually has a meaning of "doing" some action.


This is similar to заниматься, but refers commonly to hobby activities.


Lesson 1Edit

  • менеджер = manager
  • переводчик = translator
  • режиссёр = director (movie)
  • программист = programer
  • стать = to become

Lesson 2Edit

  • интересоваться = to be interested in
  • балет = ballet
  • опера = opera
  • юрист = lawyer
  • дирижёр = conductor
  • искусство = art

Lesson 3Edit

  • хозяин = owner
  • Приятно познакомиться! = Nice to meet you!
  • Договорились! = Agreed!

Lesson 4Edit

  • заниматься = see above
  • учёный = scientist
  • знаменитый = famous
  • профессия = profession
  • историк = historian

Lesson 5Edit

  • бизнес = business
  • перевод = translation
  • партнёр = partner
  • музыкант = musician
  • клуб = club
  • официант = waiter


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