Instrumental Case teaches the last Russian case. It is the thirty-fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree. It has a total of seven lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit


The instrumental case is the last Russian case that you have not learned.

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
-ом/-ем -ой/-ей -ом/-ем -ами/-ями

Also, any noun ending in -ь regardless of gender has the ending -ью.

You and IEdit

When saying this phrase in Russian, the words used are "Мы с whomever". Remember the instrumental case!


Lesson 1Edit

  • с(o) = with
  • С кем? = with whom
  • тобой = you
  • мной = me

Lesson 2Edit

  • поговорить c(о) = to talk to
  • под = under

Lesson 3Edit

  • за = behind
  • ей = her
  • им = him
  • ими = them
  • банк = bank

Lesson 4Edit

  • помощь = help
  • словарь = dictionary
  • перед = in front of
  • даже = even
  • между = between

Lesson 5Edit

  • рядом с(о) = next to

Lesson 6Edit

  • ручуть = to draw
  • ручка = pen

Lesson 7Edit

  • с удовольствием = with pleasure
  • С Новым годом = Happy New Year
  • с трудом = with difficulty
  • поздравляю = congratulations
  • правдник = holiday


Duolingo Lesson:

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