Numbers 2 is the sixty-first (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian, and it contains five lessons in total. These lessons teach the numbers past twenty as well as how to describe years and ordinal numbers (first, second, etc.).

Grammar NotesEdit

Declining Ordinal NumbersEdit

Ordinal numbers decline just like regular numbers do, with the exception of третий, which adds an -ь just after the first four letters.


The year is declined just like a regular number, with the last number being an ordinal number.

  • in 2001 = в две тысячи первой год.

Oblique Declination of NumbersEdit

Numbers from 50 and more have both parts decline.

  • about fifty cats = о пятидесяти кошках.

Nominative Plural AdjectivesEdit

Sometimes feminine nouns will have a Genitive singular noun but a Nominative plural adjective is used. This is normal, even encouraged.


Lesson 1Edit

  • шестьдесят = sixty
  • семьдесят = seventy
  • восемьдесят = eighty
  • девяносто = ninety
  • двести = two hundred
  • тысяча = thousand

Lesson 2Edit

  • триста = three hundred
  • девятьсот = nine hundred
  • выйди замуж за = to marry (male)
  • жениться = to marry (female)
  • дветысячный = two-thousandth
  • Сергей = Sergei

Lesson 3Edit

No new words.

Lesson 4Edit

  • рубль = ruble
  • доллар = dollar
  • сдача = change
  • дешевле = deeper
  • цена = price
  • пятьсот = five hundred
  • заплатить = to pay (perf.)

Lesson 5Edit

  • миллион = million
  • одиннадцатый = eleventh
  • тринадцатый = thirteenth
  • число = number
  • средний = average


Duolingo Lesson:

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