Phrases 2 is the fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Russian language tree. It has three lessons, which teach the use of the formal Вы in Russian, how to talk about names, and a few other important phrases in Russian.

Grammar notesEdit


Вы is the formal "you". You use this when you are talking to someone you just met or are older than you. Continue using ты for people you know well, are younger than you, and/or feel affection for.


Russians have three names! They have a first name, a last name, and a patronymic. This is basically saying "son-" or "daughter-of-so-and-so." Male patronymic a end in -евич or -ович, while female patronymics end in -евна or -овна.

What's your name?Edit

"Как вас/тебя зовут?" means "what is your name?". Often, Russians will give a familiar, diminutive version of their name if they know you well enough (such as Ваня).

Thank you!Edit

Благодарю is another way of saying thank you, although it is a bit fancy. Most do it simply for variety.


Lesson 1Edit

  • Иван = Ivan
  • Иванович = Ivanovich
  • Вы = you (polite)
  • Вера = Vera
  • Здравствуйте! = Hello!
  • Ваня = Vanya (a familiar form of Ivan)
  • Чернов = Chernov

Lesson 2Edit

  • Извини = excuse me
  • Как вас/тебя зовут? = What's your name? (first is polite)
  • Благодарю = thank you
  • Что не так? = What's wrong?
  • сказать = to talk
  • Отлично! = perfect!

Lesson 3Edit

  • Еще раз = one more time
  • Здравствуй = hi
  • Скази(те) = tell me,
  • Алло! = Hello! (telephone)
  • Можете = maybe


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