Possessives and Gender is the tenth skill (assuming read left to right) in the language tree for Russian. It teaches the use of possessives in Russian, along with lessons (four in total) that also teach the gender system of Russian.

Grammar notesEdit


Possessives in Russian are a little bit complicated, but no fear! An explanation is forthcoming!

The 3rd person (his, its, her, their) possessives are unchanging, so they are no different than English.

The other possessives will change endings based on case and gender. It is best to memorize and/or write these down.


Lesson 1Edit

  • Твой, твоя, твоё, etc. = your (=ты)
  • наш, наша, нашего, etc. = our
  • ваш, ваше, вашей, etc. = your (=вы)
  • книга = book
  • кот = cat

Lesson 2Edit

  • какао = cocoa
  • меню = menu
  • слово = word

Lesson 3Edit

  • дело = affairs, business
  • машина = car
  • неделя = week
  • фильм = film
  • проблема = problem
  • прошлый = last
  • ночь = night
  • жизнь = life

Lesson 4Edit

  • учитель = teacher
  • кровь = blood
  • путь = path
  • читатель = reader
  • гость = guest
  • парень = boyfriend
  • вещь = thing


Duolingo Lesson:

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