Prepositions and Place is the twenty-second (assuming read left to right) skill of the Russian language tree. It has four lessons, and the skill teaches some new prepositions and places in Russian.

Grammar NotesEdit

Motion VerbsEdit

Russian differentiates between moving inside of a city and moving outside of one, as well as being perfective or imperfective. More on that in Verbs: Motion.

Going to/Being inEdit

Russian has two meanings for в/на

One uses the accusative and describes motion: я ходил в школу.

The other uses the prepositional and describes being in a place: я живу в Америке.


Lesson 1Edit

  • из = from
  • Европа = Europe
  • ехать = to go

Lesson 2Edit

  • об = about (something/someone)
  • около = near/about (approximately)
  • страна = country
  • улица = street
  • этой = this (feminine prepostional)

Lesson 3Edit

  • находится = is located
  • тут = here

Lesson 4Edit

  • комната = room
  • люди = people
  • Петербург = St. Petersburg


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