Spiritual is the seventy-sixth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Russian language tree. It has three lessons and is all about religion and spiritual matters.

Grammar NotesEdit

Церковь in Russian refers to the organization and any church that has been traditionally called one, while храм refers to any other religious building.

Since the Russian Orthodox Church still uses the Julian calendar, Christmas, for example, is on January 7.

Привидение means a ghost or the phenomenon of haunting; when you want to mention the specific ghost of someone, use призрак instead.


Lesson 1Edit

  • церковь = church
  • Рождество = Christmas
  • Бога = God
  • мечеть = mosque
  • синагога = synagogue

Lesson 2Edit

  • молиться = to pray
  • ангел = angel
  • существовать = to exist
  • привидение = ghost
  • судьба = destiny
  • страдание = suffering

Lesson 3Edit

  • христианин = Christian
  • мусульманин = Muslim
  • буддист = Buddhist
  • атеист = atheist
  • религия = religion
  • смерть = death


Duolingo Lesson:

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