Sports is the twenty-eighth (assuming read left to right) skill is the Russian language tree. It teaches the words for sports, winning and losing, and the players of these sports.

Grammar NotesEdit

Winning and LosingEdit

Since winning and losing are one-time actions in this unit, we use the "perfective" forms of winning and losing. We'll explain that later.


This verb has an irregular бег- stem in the "I" and "they" forms.


Lesson 1Edit

  • футболист = soccer player
  • баскетболист = basketball player
  • команда = team
  • футбольный = soccer
  • стадион = stadium
  • игра = game

Lesson 2Edit

  • хоккей = hockey
  • надевать = to put on
  • форма = form, uniform
  • матч = match
  • выиграл = won
  • проиграл = lost
  • называться = to be called

Lesson 3Edit

  • бежать = to run
  • прыгать = to jump
  • спорт = sports
  • тренируется = to train
  • бросать = to throw
  • просто = quickly


Duolingo Lesson:

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