There is is the seventeenth (assuming being read from left to right) skill in the Russian language tree. In this skill, you will learn how Russian describes the location of objects through a pair of lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

To form these statements, use the following order:

  • the place
  • is/standing/lying/sitting*
  • the object

*Russian uses verbs like "standing" and "lying" more often than we would in English, so it is perfectly acceptable to translate them using "to be" instead.


Lesson 1Edit

  • земля = land
  • трава = grass
  • деревня = village
  • коробка = box
  • дворец = palace
  • лежит = lies
  • мяч = ball

Lesson 2Edit

  • подарок = gift
  • очк = glass
  • очка = glasses
  • стул = chair
  • мыло = soap
  • продукты = groceries
  • сумка = bag


Duolingo Lesson:

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