Together is the sixtieth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. It teaches "let's" and other words for "together". It has two lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit


Давай(те) is the phrase used for "let's." After that, the verb is:

  • in the infinitive if imperfective or
  • in the conjugated we-form if perfective.

Each OtherEdit

Друг друга will have the second друга change case and placement to fit the preposition.

The Two of UsEdit

"Together" is вместе in general but the number of people can be specified (вдвоём is one example)


Lesson 1Edit

  • давай(те) = let's
  • вдвоём = together (two)
  • загорать = to sunbathe/tan
  • друг о друге = about each other

Lesson 2Edit

  • провидеть = to spend (perf.)
  • посмотреть = to watch (perf.)


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