Told ya is the thirty-third (assuming read left to right) skill of the language tree for Russian. The skill has two lessons, but a small number of new vocabulary terms are introduced.

Grammar NotesEdit


Russian doesn't require agreement between the different tenses in a sentence.


This particle isn't so much the word for "if", but rather is more an indicator of uncertainty about the word preceding it.


Lesson 1Edit

  • говорил = talked
  • спросил = asked
  • ли = if, whether
  • пропуск = permit
  • ответил = answered

Lesson 2Edit

  • изучать = to study
  • кроме = except
  • заканчивать = to finish
  • преподаватель = professor
  • лекция = lecture
  • может быть = maybe
  • ошибка = mistake


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