Verb Prefixes is the fifty-eighth (assuming read left to right) skill of the language tree for Russian. It has a total of three lessons and teaches prefixes for the various verbs of motion.

Grammar NotesEdit

There are several verb prefixes used for words of motion:

  • у-: away or leaving
  • при-: approaching or arriving
  • в(о)-: into
  • вы-: out of
  • под(о)-: towards
  • от-: away
  • про-: through or past
  • пере-: across


Lesson 1Edit

  • прийти = to approach
  • вовремя = on time
  • уйти = to leave
  • уехать = to leave
  • за границей = abroad

Lesson 2Edit

  • войти = to enter
  • уходить = to leave
  • выйти = to exit
  • убежать = to run away
  • прилететь = to arrive

Lesson 3Edit

  • подойти = to walk towards
  • отойти = to get away
  • проходить = to walk past, to walk through
  • сквозь = through
  • переходить = to cross


Duolingo Lesson:

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