Verbs: Present 1 is the thirteenth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. It teaches the basics of Russian verb conjugation and several important verbs in Russian.

Grammar NotesEdit

Conjugating VerbsEdit

Russian contains two different kinds of regular verbs: let's call them -е and -и. They share the same basic conjugation pattern, except one uses -е- and the other, predictably, -и-. Note that if the -е would be stressed in the conjugated verb, it is instead an -ё.

Russian pronoun Ending Example: Читать
Я читаю
Ты -ешь/-ишь читаешь
Он/она/оно -ет/-ит читает
Мы -ем/-им читаем
Вы -ете/-ите читаете
Они -ют/-ят читают

Another note: Хотеть is an irregular verb, and it will have to be memorized.


Lesson 1Edit

  • делать = to make/do
  • думать = to think
  • знать = to know
  • кажется = it seems
  • Читать = to read

Lesson 2Edit

  • школа = school
  • идеть = to go
  • домой = home
  • стоит = there is
  • от = from

Lesson 3Edit

  • жить = to live (stem: Жив-)

Lesson 4Edit

  • видеть = to see (stem: вид-)
  • готовить = to cook
  • сам = by oneself

Lesson 5Edit

  • завтрак = breakfast
  • любить = to like/love
  • пусть = let
  • ужин = dinner

Lesson 6Edit

  • хотеть = to want
  • обедать = to have lunch
  • понимать = to understand

Lesson 7Edit

  • значит = means
  • много = a lot
  • работать = to work
  • всегда = always


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