Where is it? is the seventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the Russian tree. The skill focuses on describing location through its four lessons. Along the way, you will learn about the prepositional case (one of the six Russian grammatical cases), as well as describing where you live.

Grammar notesEdit

Prepositional CaseEdit

The prepositional case is the case associated with location. Its usage is simple. Add -e to the end of the word, removing any other endings.


Russian has quite the system for describing where something is. The word, depending on meaning, will take either в or на. A noun that describes a closed space tends to take в, while open places are commonly following на.


Lesson 1Edit

  • на = on/at/in
  • столы = tables
  • эта = this (feminine)

Lesson 2Edit

  • кровать = bed
  • тоже = also
  • в = in/at
  • далеко = far away
  • дома = at home
  • место = place
  • этом = this (prepositional)

Lesson 3Edit

  • дверь = door
  • туалет = bathroom
  • работа = work
  • дерево = tree
  • камень = rock

Lesson 4Edit

  • Германия = Germany
  • Она живёт = she lives
  • Москва = Moscow
  • сейчас = now


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