Luis Severin
Severin Hacker
is the co-founder and CTO of Duolingo. He studied for his PhD in computer science under Luis von Ahn[1] at Carnegie Mellon University, and he helped Luis to create Duolingo in 2011[2].

Personal Life and Career Edit

In 2004, Severin interned at Actant for 3 months. 5 years later, he took another internship at Microsoft for 5 months as a researcher. He studied computer science at Carnegie Mellon for 6 years and 8 months and left school with a PhD on the subject, and since then he has worked on Duolingo[3].

Severin has experience in Python, Machine Learning, Java, AI, Matlab, R, C++, Programming, Perl, Data Analysis, C, Statistics, Data Mining, and Distributed Systems[3]. He is a native German speaker and proficient in English, as certified by Duolingo's Proficiency Exam in English.

Interviews Edit


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