Colors is the eleventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Spanish. It has only one lesson, and this lesson teaches the colors as an introduction to adjectives.

Grammar NotesEdit

The colors are adjectives; that is, they modify a noun (as an example, is it possible to use the word "green" without saying something is green? Not really). In Spanish, adjectives themselves agree in gender and number with the noun. This is why it is so important to learn the gender of a new noun; if you don't know, you might use the wrong adjective. As for the endings themselves, they are pretty straightforward.

Adjectives in Spanish can also be used on their own as nouns; when this happens, it means "the red one" or "the pretty one" or something similar.


  • el color = color
  • blanco = white
  • rojo = red
  • negro = black
  • azul = blue
  • amarillo = yellow
  • verde = green
  • gris = grey
  • naranja = orange


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