Object Pronouns is the twenty-seventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Spanish. It has five lessons and teaches objective pronouns in Spanish, as well as reflexive verbs

Grammar NotesEdit

Spanish is very similar to English in terms of pronouns, but so-called reflexive verbs are much more common in Spanish. A reflexive verb requires the subject to also be an object: in English, these verbs are along the lines of "I wash myself". Spanish often uses them for emphasis (like comerse).


Lesson 1Edit

  • me = me
  • te = you
  • le = him/her

Lesson 2Edit

  • les = them
  • nos = us

Lesson 3Edit

  • lo = him
  • la = her
  • querer = to love (someone)

Lesson 4Edit

  • los = them
  • las = them

Lesson 5Edit

  • se = himself/herself/itself
  • hacerse = to portray/play as


Duolingo Lesson:

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